Sunday, 28 January 2018


My teaching contract ended in November, so I popped over to Puerto Rico for a few weeks. 
Here's what I saw/thought/learned:

I did a whole bunch of stuff, so it'd be nuts to try and list everything and the prices, but two things of note:

1) Jetblue seem to do the cheapest flights - I got from Medellin in Colombia, to Florida, then to Aquadilla for $230. Then, back with Avianca for about $300. These, however, are/were holiday periods and, as an example, July flights to Puerto Rico (using the route above) is less than $200, with a return ticket around $300.

2) I think there are three bioluminescent bays around Puerto Rico, but I went to La Parguera - there's a nice promenade with some bars and restaurants there.

Don't be put off by the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, either - the island will undoubtedly take a while to fully recover, but there's still tons to see and do, and people are very welcoming.

And now if you'll excuse me, it looks like I've got another teaching job lined up so I get to stay in the bamboo for a while longer! No idea where the next AWOUND THE WORLD WITH WAYNE will take place, so here's to unknown adventures, wheeeeeee!

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