Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Hello there. I'm working on some posts about the culture here, but first let me just show you what I found in my room this evening:

I'm still looking into what sort he is, but I do know he's not one of the most dangerous (there are two in particular, both smaller than this and brown). I have had those in my room before, though half were dead and the others I managed to scoop up in my trusty wine glass (as pictured) and put them back in the bamboo forest.

Before you panic at the thought of living here and encountering monsters like this, I seem to have remarkably bad/good luck (depending on how you feel about bugs) with regards to attracting the little (and not so little) blighters. Everyone else here in the Bamboo House has found bugs but nowhere near the frequency I do - this house, like so many in Colombia, isn't actually sealed off from the outside world. We have a 'balcony' looking out over the bamboo, where a window maybe ought to be, and the roof over the communal kitchen area isn't sealed off at the sides. Newer apartments are far more insect-proof, of course.

The bad news for this fella is that he's probably on his last legs, given how he was dragging his tail around. Plus, that white stuff is almost certainly mold. I honestly have no idea how he got like that, but if he's been living under my fridge (I found him next to it) it's entirely possible he's been there a fair few days, if not longer. I've moved him into a temporary home to keep an eye on him, see if I can help him get better (and feed him the other bugs I get in here), so fingers crossed for that.

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